Tuesday, August 4, 2009

great deal on Heart of the Assassin ebook

I just got this from my publisher. Definitely a great deal for ebook readers.

Scribner will be doing a promotional eBook free download promotion with the first two novels in the Assassin Trilogy with Amazon Kindle and Sony eReader. BN.com may participate in the promotion as well, but we are waiting on their confirmation. I wanted to send you some information on the promotion so you are aware. The way the promotion will work is listed below.

When a consumer buys the eBook of the third novel, Heart of the Assassin, they will be given the opportunity to download the first two eBooks, Prayers for the Assassin and Sins of the Assassin, at no cost. The promotion will run for the first two weeks the eBook for Heart of the Assassin is on sale (8/11/09 – 8/25/09).