Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reader Email of the Week

Jawwad F, is a Pakistani international businessman, educated in the U.S., who returned to Karachi five years ago. We have corresponded regularly since he bought Prayers for the Assassin in a Borders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our recent discussion centered around the U.S. presidential election and how he and his friends view the candidates.

Historically speaking the Republicans have always had a soft corner for Pakistan, where as the Democrats have always pushed the Indian cause and played hardball with us. Geopolitical considerations aside, I am rooting for Barak Obama. I don’t have anything against Hillary and I think President Clinton was one of the sharpest presidents to take the office in recent history, but I think it will interesting to see what happens when the first African American president takes charge of the office. My worst nightmare is Rudy walking into the white house.

No nightmare ahead for Jawwad. The only way Rudy is walking into the White House is on a guided tour.

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